Since 1997, we have been certified in Organic Agriculture

Since 1997, our vines have been managed according to the specifications of Organic Agriculture, which completely excludes the use of herbicides, fertilizers and treatments based on synthetic chemicals. The harvest is done by hand, the grapes are pressed whole, without crushing and at low pressure.

Organic farming constitutes a mode of production which finds its originality in the use of cultivation and breeding practices concerned with respecting natural balances. Thus, it excludes the use of synthetic chemicals and GMOs and limits the use of inputs. Adopting organic cultivation methods first forced us to put aside the simplistic methods of classical agronomy. The soil is not this inert support that must be filled with fertilizer. Soils are complex and living environments that must be understood and stimulated.

Our CERTIPAQ BIO certifier, a local partner

Certipaq Bio is responsible for ensuring the control and certification of farms, artisanal or industrial companies engaged in Organic Agriculture throughout France since 1999. Certipaq Bio is above all a multi-regional organization which has been able to distribute its listeners in the 23 regions of France to bring you proximity and knowledge of your territory.

Logos agriculture biologique