OUr range l'EPURE natural wines

The natural wine

from grappe to glass...

Heir to a long wine-growing tradition (Martin JUND is cited in customs books from 1603..) the current generation represented by Sébastien and Martin offers you a new range made from grapes from organic farming (the estate at was converted in 1997).

Natural wine aims to glorify the expression of the grape variety by relying on the terroir, far from formatted and conventional practices. Any use of chemicals is prohibited. As a “natural” winemaker, we are sensitive to respecting the environment, and produce a lively and free wine without any added inputs.

In the vineyard

an ethical voice...

We respect the soils, the nature of the subsoils, the vines, the grapes and, ultimately, the wine lover. We follow precise specifications to have our wines certified by Certipac (private organization linked to the Bio Agriculture Biologique. Ecocert label).

By choosing this ethical and responsible path, we work our land by plowing carefully. We care about the subsoil from which the plant's roots draw their strength and sap, and therefore protect the ecosystem. The emphasis is on the grapes, favoring quality rather than quantity.

At the winemaking

aging on lees is king...

Manual harvesting is requiered. Only native yeasts are authorized to start fermentation and the use of sulfur is minimal (30mg/l for reds, 40mg/l for tolerated whites) or even zero (mention “Wine without added sulphites”).

The handling is gentle and slow so as not to modify or disguise the soul of the wine: depending on the vintage, little or no settling and racking, aging on the lees is king, filtration is low or even zero.

In summary, we accompany the wine to guarantee the natural reflection of the grape and its juice.


Organic or natural wine

to know...

An organic or natural wine is a free wine, which sometimes needs to be tamed...

It is a sensitive wine, often fragile, where the presence of natural gas is frequent. This is why your wine sometimes deserves to be “decanted” (aerated in a carafe) a few hours before being tasted, an essential condition to help it open up and allow its aromatic complexity to shine perfectly. Discover it and share beautiful and good moments of pleasure and conviviality!